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meditation self-care Aug 19, 2020

This is an exercise that I really love, give my clients, and do myself (often). You'll see the picture there -- two people sitting back-to-back (I’ll get to that).

So… I had these family members come into my session once and they each just had a bunch of unmet needs. They were so mad at each other. They just could not listen to one another. They were really frustrated and I wanted to give them a tool for them, at that moment, and whenever that happens at home (or whenever it...

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Managing Intense Emotions


Here’s a tool for when you have really intense emotions (and I know that’s probably not too far from your reality at times these days). Let me walk you through how I help myself through an intense time.

There was an afternoon where I had two colliding intensities come together. When this happens, I get these cues about why and how I know I am in an intense time. Usually, it’s because I get incredibly overwhelmed and there may be other emotions going on at the time as well --...

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Reframing Emotions

emotions self-care Aug 14, 2020

Hey everyone. It's Susan, and I wanted to just offer you something at the end of my day here... 

I run about 5 or 6 groups per week. I love groups. They’re so inspiring to me and I am always jotting down things that I want to talk about and revisit. 

One of the things that came up today was about how people are changing their relationship with their strong feelings -- and they’re meditating more. They’re trying to take space and just be with themselves and explore...

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Are you having a hard time focusing and staying in your healthy self-care practices?


Are you wondering what to do to keep yourself stable? Do a lot of people count on you, but you find it hard for you to be even present for yourself? Is your survival mode triggered and you’re not quite sure what the future will hold for you? This talk will help you get a few tips to work through these situations. Give it a try -- it can only help during this time.

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November Newsletter: "Self Care"


I’m Susan Regan, and today, I’m talking about “self-care.”

I’m speaking to those of you, who are working on being better in your daily life.


Just want the audios? Here you go:

Be Better in Your Daily Life
Deciding to Divorce
Strengthening Your Couple Relationship





I know that self-care may seem...

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