Relationships are so important.

Whether they’re partners, parents, children or friends, they each come with benefits and challenges.

When you can work through the challenges, relationships are strengthened, and the results are beneficial to all involved.

How may I help you?

I'm Susan Regan, a relationship expert and certified coach. I can give you the tools you need and help you learn the necessary skills for you to create the relationships you want -- no matter what your circumstances.

I offer diverse online courses, groups, talks and workshops to provide the support you need to get through all of your relationship challenges and learn how to take care of yourself as well!

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Carol C.

I have such respect for you Susan -- and I trust you. Even though my relationship has ended, there will never be another parent to my kids like my ex. You have helped us work through so many challenging issues. Without your help, we would’ve never been able to heal and continue developing a different kind of parenting relationship and our marriage.

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Co-Parenting Mediation

> Family-focused
> Stop negotiating & find solutions

> Improve communications
> Reach & honor agreements

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Divorce Support

> Heal from the trauma
> Forgive yourself & your ex
> Get your confidence back
> Recreate your life

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Discernment Counseling

> Make a choice 
> Set a clear path
> Get clarity & healing
> Just 5 Steps in 5 Weeks

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Strengthening Relationships

> Explore feelings & unmet needs
> Create financial intimacy
> Expand sexual intimacy
> Establish a REAL & LASTING connection

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What About Me?

> Self-awareness
> Daily rituals, routines & structure
> Take control of your present
> Create a fulfilling future

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Dating Support

> Create your dating profile
> Build your confidence
> Strengthen your communication
> Choose/become a healthy partner

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About Susan Regan

Online Group Coach

Susan is a relationship expert and Certified Coach. She began her career as a marriage & family therapist over twenty years ago and her practice has grown and evolved over those years. She now offers guidance in relationship healing and enhancements, personal changes, and overcoming anxiety.

As a certified coach, she has created a series of talks and courses addressing common and universal themes that challenge people from every walk of life.

I'm excited to help people explore their own transformation. I love seeing people grow, change and release things inside of them that have been holding them back. My advice is to get the support you need to get your life back on track, and then go out and live your own fulfilling and purposeful life.

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Thanks Susan… you really helped me get through a tough time - just hearing your conversations and hearing some ideas that I could remind myself of when things got difficult.

 SR, El Cerritos
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Believe it or not, I never really thought about getting regular support from someone. But now that I do, I have a lot more resilience with the hard things that come up in my day. I manage my life better.

SN, Oakland
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I liked your perspective on a few things like the life balance. Now I take a moment to journal in the mornings and get my thoughts focused before I start my day.

KH, Albany
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Having regular contact with some of my emotional development really helps me stay focused on my growth. Thank you for the podcast series.


KM, San Francisco
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Susan - the podcast made me made really sure that I wanted to join one of your groups. I’m so glad that you posted them on your site. I got that you totally understood what I was going through.

JL, Oakland
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Things you’ve touched on are things that come up for me all the time. Before, I didn’t really pay attention to them. Now I’m doing an inquiry about my feelings and understanding where they come from.

TR, Burlingame
Which program is right for you?

Not quite ready to dive in?

Start by Getting Tips, Answers & Community

A complimentary resource for your transition-focused questions.

I have helped thousands of people make smooth transitions in their lives and heal from those that were painful. I offer this complimentary resource to help people across a variety of relationship transitions -- from strengthening their relationship to separating and co-parenting. Sign-up to receive access to my Private Facebook Group, where I conduct twice-per-month, LIVE Q&A sessions

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Tips to help you connect and strengthen your couple relationship.

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Tips to help you decide whether to stay in your relationship or to go separate ways.

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Tips to help you separate, heal, and navigate the rebuilding of your life after divorce.

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Tips to help you create a smooth transition for your family -- not a traumatic event.


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