About Susan

Susan is a relationship expert and Certified Coach. She began her career as a marriage & family therapist over twenty years ago. Over those years, her practice has grown and evolved, bringing her to offer guidance in relationship healing and enhancements, personal changes, and moving forward in your life.  Susan offers online resources (both live and on-demand) addressing the common and universal themes that challenge people from every walk of life. These resources grew from the experience and insights she has developed over the years, and are intended for anyone struggling with their relationships. 

Susan recognized early in her career how interrelated our psychological and physical states can be. Having been trained in the study of intuition, Susan has mastered ways to tap these natural powers of comprehension and manifest them in a positive and healing way.

She draws on her extensive experience leading workshops and groups for men and women facing divorce, developing co-parenting plans, and finding ways to balance a life of competing demands. Susan has distilled tens of thousands of hours, knowledge, and wisdom from a career helping people into the creation of this easy-going, accessible, online curriculum. 

Susan also has a background in dance, is a certified yoga and Pilates instructor, and is an avid hiker and paddle boarder who finds solace and restoration in nature.

"I'm excited to help people explore their own transformation. I love seeing people grow, change and release things inside of them that have been holding them back. My advice is to get the support you need to get your life back on track, and then go out and live your own fulfilling and purposeful life." — Susan

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