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Expert Guest Speaker : Susan Regan

Susan is a highly regarded and seasoned expert in Discernment Counseling, Strengthening Relationship Practices, and Divorcing & Co-Parenting. With years of experience and a deep understanding of human relationships, she brings invaluable insights to every speaking engagement and podcast appearance.

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Discernment Counseling

Helping couples gain clarity about the future of their relationship and guiding them through the decision-making process, the various options available to them, and the consideration and creation of a plan to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

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Strengthening Relationships

Delving into the intricacies of relationships, including exploring relationships through the lens of many important considerations and offering key concepts for couples to get the most out of their investment with each other – creating a more fulfilling relationship.

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Separating & Co-Parenting

Practical advice on creating separation plans for couples with children or challenging partners. Addressing areas of challenges, differing parenting styles, mental health & addiction issues, planning for success, & exploring coping methods, both healthy & unhealthy.

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Susan possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of marriage and family issues – extending to divorcing and co-parenting, and healing and moving on – ensuring that her talks are always insightful and valuable.


Her compassionate approach to relationships resonates with audiences, making complex topics more understandable and relatable.

Engaging Speaker:

Susan captivates audiences with her engaging speaking style, leaving a lasting impression on every listener.

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If you're looking for an expert on strengthening relationships, divorce/separation, co-parenting, or discernment counseling? Susan is available to share her expertise and empower your audience with transformative insights.

Susan Regan, MFT

Susan is available for both online and in-person guest appearances. 

Susan is a relationship expert and Certified Coach. She began her career as a marriage & family therapist over twenty years ago. Over those years, her practice has grown and evolved, bringing her to offer guidance in relationship healing and enhancements, personal changes, and moving forward in your life.  Susan offers online resources (both live and on-demand) addressing the common and universal themes that challenge people from every walk of life. These resources grew from the experience and insights she has developed over the years, and are intended for anyone struggling with their relationships. 

Susan recognized early in her career how interrelated our psychological and physical states can be. Having been trained in the study of intuition, Susan has mastered ways to tap these natural powers of comprehension and manifest them in a positive and healing way.

She draws on her extensive experience leading workshops and groups for men and women facing divorce, developing co-parenting plans, and finding ways to balance a life of competing demands.

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