#sorelatable Podcast - Ep 2 - Love & Hope for Relationships

love and hope podcast Feb 14, 2023

So the question is how much capacity do you have to be yourself in your relationships? In my podcast when I was interviewing, “Mr. Farnsworth”. He realized his marriage was not the best and healthiest place for him.

When it comes to a holiday, like Valentine’s Day, he experienced the holiday, as a painful reminder that his relationship wasn’t working. When he was alone and not taking care of himself, that holiday was also painful for him. Now that he’s in a...

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#sorelatable Podcast - Ep 1 - Cultivating Healthy Relationships


I hope you'll enjoy my very first podcast episode. It's on finding, creating, and maintaining healthy relationships.

You might be here because you are wanting to establish a healthy relationship -- or you want to improve your current relationship. These practices can be applied to romantic relationships, family, and friends.

This episode is full of tips and practices for you to create the relationships you want. I'd love to hear your thoughts, questions, and ideas in the comments below!

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