Reflections on Ep. 7 - Self-Love for Healthy Relationships


I wanted to share some reflections and, what I felt were, key takeaways from my conversation with Brian Cooper on 'Self-Love for Healthy Relationships.'

What stood out for you -- your key takeaways? Please let me know in the comments below.

AND... Mark your calendars for October 2023. Brian Cooper and I are thrilled to announce an upcoming live webinar within the Relatable community. We will be exploring the nuances of self-love and its profound impact on our relationships. Stay tuned for...

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#sorelatable Podcast - Ep 7 - Self-Love for Healthy Relationships - with guest, Brian Cooper - Intro

  • How are self-love and a good relationship with yourself essential to having healthy relationships with other people?
  • Why do people struggle so much to love themselves?
  • How can we stop falling asleep in our relationships are asleep with ourselves?

I had the pleasure of bringing one of my cherished colleagues, Brian Cooper, into my podcast. We often partner to better serve our clients, and in this upcoming podcast episode, we discuss breaking down couples' strife and how to have a solid...

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Reflections on Ep. 6 - Planning for Your Best Life after Divorce


What did you take away from my last episode on divorce mediation? Were there any surprises or new information that you discovered?

Here are a few of my favorite moments from our discussion.

Reflections on my discussion with Summer Howard, Divorce Mediator: Planning for Your Best Life after Divorce

#divorcemediation #summerhoward #susanregancoaching #relationshipsolutions #sorelatable

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Planning for Your Best Life after Divorce w/ guest Summer Howard, Divorce Mediator - #sorelatable Ep. 6


Summer Howard, is a Divorce Mediator & Mentor, and Founder of Boulder Divorce Mediation (

Divorce can be a stressful and emotional process, but it doesn’t have to be a contentious one. As a mediator, Summer Howard helps couples reach agreements on all aspects of their divorce, from property division to parenting plans, child custody, and support.

In this interview, we discuss how you can get through your divorce with a clear and intentional...

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#sorelatable Podcast - Ep 6 - Planning for Your Best Life after Divorce (Sneak Peek)


Get through your divorce with a clear and intentional plan that will ensure the best post-divorce life and co-parenting relationship possible.

Here's a little preview of my discussion with Divorce Mediator and Mentor, Summer Howard.

Watch the full interview from my #sorelatable #podcast, this Tuesday, July 18th.

#bestlifeafterdivorce #divorcemediation #coparentingdoneright

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#sorelatable Podcast - Ep 2 - Love & Hope for Relationships

love and hope podcast Feb 14, 2023

So the question is how much capacity do you have to be yourself in your relationships? In my podcast when I was interviewing, “Mr. Farnsworth”. He realized his marriage was not the best and healthiest place for him.

When it comes to a holiday, like Valentine’s Day, he experienced the holiday, as a painful reminder that his relationship wasn’t working. When he was alone and not taking care of himself, that holiday was also painful for him. Now that he’s in a...

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#sorelatable Podcast - Ep 1 - Cultivating Healthy Relationships


I hope you'll enjoy my very first podcast episode. It's on finding, creating, and maintaining healthy relationships.

You might be here because you are wanting to establish a healthy relationship -- or you want to improve your current relationship. These practices can be applied to romantic relationships, family, and friends.

This episode is full of tips and practices for you to create the relationships you want. I'd love to hear your thoughts, questions, and ideas in the comments below!

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