#sorelatable Podcast - Ep 7 - Self-Love for Healthy Relationships, with guest Brian Cooper


Are you ready to dive deep into the heart of relationships? I'm thrilled to present to you a captivating discussion that's going to shift your perspective on self-love, strong relationships, and personal growth.

Join me and the remarkable Brian Cooper in our upcoming podcast episode as we uncover the powerful connection between self-love and building healthy relationships with others. Have you ever wondered why it's sometimes so tough to love ourselves? Or why some of us struggle to...

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#sorelatable Podcast - Ep 1 - Cultivating Healthy Relationships


I hope you'll enjoy my very first podcast episode. It's on finding, creating, and maintaining healthy relationships.

You might be here because you are wanting to establish a healthy relationship -- or you want to improve your current relationship. These practices can be applied to romantic relationships, family, and friends.

This episode is full of tips and practices for you to create the relationships you want. I'd love to hear your thoughts, questions, and ideas in the comments below!

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