Strengthening Relationships Series: Sexual Intimacy for Couples with Guest Dr. Namita Caen


In preparation for my upcoming, Online Course: Strengthening Relationships (starting March 16th!), I invited a few colleagues and experts in couples therapy to join me to explore some of the methods that are being effectively used to bring couples closer together.

My next guest in my "Strengthening Relationships Talks Series," Dr. Namita Caen, joined me to talk about Sexual & Intimacy Coaching and how it can help couples create healthy, intimate relationships and a satisfying sex life -- according to their unique needs and desires.

Namita’s relationship with her own sexuality, and desire to feel more sexually empowered and educated, led her to do this work. Growing up in the UK -- like many of her peers -- she received little or no sex education and yet was determined to demystify the world of sex outside of the confines of British moral and cultural norms. This quest, which became a lifelong study of sexuality and relationships, led her to train extensively around the world and eventually to becoming a Doctor of Human Sexuality. She is Tantra, kink, poly, LGBTQ+, sex work-friendly, and sexual trauma-informed. She works with men, women, couples and non-binary folk.

Dr. Namita believes that healthy sexuality holds a key that unlocks our potential for profound healing, deep intimacy, erotic pleasure, and passionate loving relationships.

In this talk, we address several questions related to Sexual Intimacy for Couples including:

  • How does Sexual & Intimacy Coaching work?
    • How is it different from traditional couples therapy?
  • What are the reasons to seek out Sexual Therapy?
  • How does your sexual relationship match the uniqueness of your connection?
    • Let's throw away the terms "normal" and "healthy" and talk about what's unique to your relationship.
  • What is Somatic Sex Coaching and how can it help you to relax?
  • What's the difference between "linear" and "circular" intimacy models?
    • How can the shift to the "circular" model strengthen the level of intimacy in your relationship?
  • How can couples rekindle the spark or begin to work through a "sexless" marriage?
  • What are the top five things you should consider, in order to keep sex and intimacy alive in your relationship?



If you'd like more information about Sex & Intimacy Coaching for Couples, please visit these resources or contact Dr. Namita Caen or Susan:

Get in Touch with Dr. Namita Caen 

Phone: (415) 322-9411
Email:  [email protected] 


Get in Touch with Susan Regan, MFT

Email: [email protected]


If you're interested in Strengthening Your Relationship, I'm offering an online course (starting March 16th!), which will guide you through the tools (like Sexual Intimacy for Couples Therapy), which can help you and your partner communicate better, feel closer, manage projections and perspective and use conflict to your advantage. Click here to learn more.



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