Strengthening Relationships

4-Week, Online Course Starts March 16th (enroll through March 22nd)!

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Does your relationship feel like it’s
burning (or burnt) out?

Are you engaging in regular conflict (or working hard to avoid it)?

Do you want to get the fire and intimacy back, but aren't really sure how to do it?

Create the relationship you've always dreamed of.

Feel truly connected.

Experience real and lasting intimacy.

"Strengthening Relationships" is a four-week, online course for couples who want to strengthen and enhance their relationship and regain and evolve their intimacy. It will teach you the skills and guide you through the process to understanding yourself and your partner, so that you can have the most fulfilling and intimate relationship possible with your partner.

Learn more about what to expect in my 30-Day Challenge for Couples Course!

Susan Regan is a Relationship Expert, Coach and Certified Mediator. As a seasoned family and Couples Therapist, she believes that if you get the right kind of support, you can get your life and relationships back on track and create the kinds of relationships you really want.


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Did your relationship start out strong and supported by love and respect, but around six months to one year, you found that some relationship challenges arose, things began to feel a little stale or stressful, and now you’re feeling distant from your partner? Are finances, sexual intimacy and unmet needs creating conflict?

Because we don't often receive strong modeling around "good relationships," it can be difficult to work through those challenges in a productive way and maintain and grow intimacy, as the relationship evolves.

Conflict and productive fighting can absolutely strengthen your relationship... but you need to develop the skills it takes to use these as a positive growth opportunity, instead of a destructive force. As differences begin to present themselves in your relationship, you can maintain and count on your own understandings and insights about yourself and the development of your individuality within that relationship, as it grows. You will also learn to communicate to your partner about your needs and understanding of yourself. This will create the closeness you desire.

In this course, I will guide you through the process, with your partner, to develop the skill set to benefit from conflict, have the difficult conversations, and use effective communication, to allow your relationship to grow and evolve. 

What if your partner doesn’t want to join? What if you don’t have a partner? You can still join this course -- because information is golden and knowledge is power. Taking what you learn into your relationship, whether now or in the future, will transform it! 

Conflict doesn't mean that things are bad and the relationship should necessarily end, is doomed, or will fail. Conflict can just be a call that the relationship needs to grow and change. In order to do that, both (ideally) people need to do something different -- to develop more skills to conquer and find solutions, so the relationship can evolve as well as the individuals in the relationship. Everybody gets to develop themselves so that the relationship can get to the next level of closeness. 

The ability to have strong and productive, nonviolent communication, express your needs, and manage and communicate your expectations is just part of it. Finding ways to discuss the difficult issues, such as sex and finances, is another. These skills can equip you to have the strongest relationship possible with your partner.



What is the 30-Day Challenge for Couples?

  • A 4-week, online course to strengthen your relationship with your partner by expanding the intimacy and understanding between you.
  • A course for you to do together - on your own time, in the privacy of your own home (instead of at a scheduled time in an offsite location, such as a couples therapy session).
    • However, if your partner doesn’t want to do it with you, you can do it on your own and it will definitely still have an impact on your relationship.
    • If you’re in between relationships, and don’t want to start another relationship without some knowledge on how to create a strong relationship, this course could also be valuable for you.
  • A structured look at some of the areas where we create the most stress in our couple relationship (including communication, projections, reality sharing, sex, finances, feelings and unmet needs). 
  • A constructive, guided process for you and your partner to learn and apply strategies to strengthen your intimacy in these areas -- and use any existing conflict as an opportunity for growth -- not destruction.


What will you learn from the Strengthening Relationships 30-day Challenge? 

You will learn the critical skills to have a successful and fulfilling relationship with your partner, including:

  • What to do when you’re in conflict and how to really understand your partner -- and feel really understood by your partner.
  • How and why the most important thing about strengthening the dynamics of your relationship is tuning-in to your partner and the efforts they’re making, as well as inquiring within yourself about what your feelings are and understanding them.
  • How to pick up on basic cues and sensitivities of your partner and their unmet needs. How you talk to each other is just as important as how you listen to each other. 
  • You will be guided through exercises that help you practice your listening and communication skills and find a common ground in areas of conflict or disconnect.

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If you feel your relationship is already strong, this course may be a good refresher for you and a way to evolve your relationship even further. Perhaps you've lost sight of some of the ways you've ensured, in that past, that your relationship is growing in the right direction.

If you feel your relationship is a little rocky, this course will help you get back on track and begin to evolve beyond the best period in your relationship. 

Sometimes we don’t know where the conflict or disconnect is coming from. Maybe the things that are stressful overlap into many different areas and it’s difficult to know where to start or how to unravel the issues.

No matter the status, your relationship will benefit from the strategies taught in this course.  

If your partner isn’t interested, but you know you want to work on the relationship because it’s rocky OR If you’re afraid to start a new relationships without a different way of approaching relationships -- this course will also work for you.

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Still not sure if this course is right for you? 

How many of these questions can you answer “yes” to?

  • Do you feel that you and your partner are both giving and receiving acknowledgment from each other?
  • Do you feel truly "seen" and appreciated -- or do you feel invisible sometimes? How do you think your partner feels? Do you even know how you feel? Can you both communicate these two feelings to each other?
  • Are you very fulfilled with your level of intimacy -- not just sexual? In what other ways do you share intimacy?
  • Do you trust each other with your finances?
  • Have you created a common ground for how to function in and around the financial issues in your relationship -- or are you just doing basic monthly bookkeeping?
  • Do you have an established, shared approach for how you spend time together?
  • Have you created a common ground for basic functioning in life (e.g., who does the household tasks and how do you socialize)? How do you have individual time together?
  • Do you feel your relationship is balanced (or is it all one way (i.e. their way))?
  • Do you feel unhappy with each other (e.g., you think your partner thinks the worst of you, or you focus on the worst of them instead of focusing on the positive)?
  • How are you building positive feelings in your relationship? Do you spend positive time together? Do you complement each other?
  • Do you feel heard? Do you know how to listen to your partner completely? Can you mirror back what they say? Do you feel like people your partner listens to you?
  • Are you exploring new kinds of intimacy as the relationship evolves?
  • Can you talk about intimacy with your partner?
  • Can you talk about sex and finances with your partner?
  • Do you know how to “go deeper” with your partner?
  • Do you put energy toward developing intimacy?
  • Beyond the sex, do you feel as though you're completely accepted and understood?


If you want to be able to answer “yes” to more of these questions, this course will lead you into developing skills to create and develop these aspects of intimacy.



  • Your intimacy has become strained and habitual -- and not as exciting and attractive as it was at first?
  • You need to redefine intimacy?
  • You feel resentful about the kinds of positions you take in the relationship?


Wherever you are in your relationship... just wanting to strengthen it, feeling misunderstood or under appreciated, having unmet needs, or needing to develop and deepen it further... This course will give you the skills and strategies to address the difficult topics and conversations and work through any feelings of shame around discussing these issues with your partner.

I believe in love. No, really -- I do! And I also know that love is not all there is. And that, in order to have and retain love, you need to have skills, solid communication, and the ability to inquire and reflect on how you affect another person. We also need to have empathy -- the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes! People can have the kinds of relationships they want to have and heal themselves within those relationships.


Are you ready to have a more fulfilling relationship, where you both feel understood, appreciated and have ever-evolving intimacy?


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Still want more detail?

In this course, we’ll talk about communication, sexual and financial intimacy, feelings, and unmet needs. Here’s more about that:


Sexual Intimacy:

When it comes to sexual intimacy, it all starts with you.  (Yeah, each of you!)

  • Learn how to get in touch with what you actually desire and how to communicate your unmet needs and desires to your partner -- in a constructive, safe, and non-threatening way. 
  • Negotiate the kinds of physical and emotional intimacy each of you want to have in your relationship.

Does that sound scary and make you feel vulnerable?  Let’s move past that.

Most of us are not taught or encouraged to explore our own sexuality or communicate our needs with our partner -- especially in long-term relationships, when we need to really “work” on developing intimacy, as our relationship grows. Sexual intimacy won’t often happen in the same way it did years ago and that’s no such thing as “normal” when it comes to sex and intimacy. 

In this course, you will also learn:

  • how you can develop the intimacy with your partner -- around who each of you are today -- and get to a true, fulfilling and deep connection with your partner; and
  • the skills to approach the subject with confidence.


Financial Intimacy

Talking about finances with your partner can be downright scary and can often lead to serious conflict. 

Will they reject or criticize you, because you have debt, don’t have enough savings or investments, don’t know much about finances, or don’t really know where you stand financially? Or, will your partner fear these discussions with you for the same reasons? 

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • align your financial goals with your partner’s;
  • develop your financial skill set;
  • create a safe and common ground for collaborating on financial matters; and
  • break out of traditional thinking and create a plan that’s unique to your relationship.


Coming into these conversations, equipped with the language, the communication skills, and the confidence of knowing that it’s a safe space, will allow you and your partner to gain true intimacy in these areas -- instead of additional stress, conflict and disconnect.


Feelings & Unmet Needs:

Much of the disconnect and conflict that arises in relationships comes from one or both partners’ unmet needs or unacknowledged feelings (which can come from the present, or our past experiences). 

We’ll talk about the ways to have nonviolent communication with your partner and how you can use Imago Therapy techniques to approach your problems as a “team” and understand explore the impacts of projections and perspective within the relationship.

In this course, you will learn how to: 

  • communicate with your partner in a nonthreatening (nonviolent) way;
  • understand how the past is informing your projections and perspective within the relationship;
  • catch yourself when you’re projecting onto your partner and when you’re feeling your partner’s projections onto you (and remember that these projections are not about you…)
  • share your perceptions about reality, so that you’re on the same page with your partner and can understand where you think about things differently.


The Bigger Picture:

You will spend time together during this course, outside of the time you’re typically spending together now… a different kind of quality time -- an emotional time and strategizing time. 

This is where you’ll develop a way of establishing a compartmentalized approach to working on your relationship (so that it doesn’t take away from the other areas of your life) and practice new skills and strategies with your partner.


Relationships can either be a healing, wonderful and amazing part of your life -- or they can be the thing that drains you.

Choose to make it the former. 


I love this message that I got in a series that I’m *finally* watching called ‘Jane the Virgin’... It’s not that we find love that’s everlasting – we just keep choosing each other. 

Keep choosing each other and get the skills and strategies to have it be the healing, wonderful and most amazing part of your life.


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