Strengthening Relationships Series: Nonviolent Communication for Couples with Guest Ali Miller, MFT


In preparation for my upcoming, Online Course: Strengthening Relationships, I invited a few colleagues and experts in couples therapy to join me to explore some of the methods that are being effectively used to bring couples closer together.

I had the pleasure of having Ali Miller, MFT as my first guest in my expert talk series "Strengthening Relationships." 

Ali specializes in helping people who are struggling in relationships develop the self-compassion and communication skills it takes to create and sustain satisfying connections that are key to a fulfilling life. She provides psychotherapy, couples counseling, and group therapy, and also teaches Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to therapists, educators, couples, and in various community settings.

In this talk, we cover a few topics related to Nonviolent Communication including:

  • What is Nonviolent Communication (NVC)?
  • How you can use NVC to address issues in your relationship such as:
    • chronic, recurring fights;
    • feeling like you're always being blamed by your partner; and
    • managing the external stressors impacting your relationship.
  • How to express emotional pain without blaming, criticizing, or making demands, so that you can be heard and get the connection you want.
  • Why NVC is beneficial in relationships.
  • How we can shift the conversation from the superficial conflict to a compassionate approach -- while better understanding our and our partner's needs.



If you'd like more information about NVC, please visit these resources or contact Ali or Susan:


Get in Touch with Ali Miller, MFT

Phone: 415.820.1433
Email: [email protected]


Get in Touch with Susan Regan, MFT

Email: [email protected]


If you're interested in Strengthening Your Relationship, I'm offering an online course (starting March 16th!), which will guide you through the tools (like NVC), that can help you and your partner communicate better, feel closer, stop the blame game and break down resentment. Click here to learn more.


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