Strengthening Relationships Series: Financial Intimacy for Couples with Guest Thomas Faupl, LMFT, SEP


In preparation for my upcoming, Online Course: Strengthening Relationships (starting March 16th!), I invited a few colleagues and experts in couples therapy to join me to explore some of the methods that are being effectively used to bring couples closer together.

My next guest in my "Strengthening Relationships Talks Series," Thomas Faupl, LMFT, SEP, joined me to talk about Couples & Finances. We explored how couples can achieve financial intimacy and autonomy with each other around their finances.

Thomas is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in San Francisco. He specializes in developmental trauma, anxiety and the psychology of money. Thomas is certified in EMDR and Somatic Experiencing and works with individuals and couples in person and via video.

Concurrent to being a Marriage and Family Therapist, Thomas was (for over 14 years) a Certified Consumer Credit Counselor, which has deeply grounded him in the household financial issues that clients struggle with. He assists clients with working through blocking beliefs, behaviors and relationship conflicts to have more success, abundance and peace of mind with money.

In this talk, Thomas and I cover a few topics related to Financial Intimacy for Couples including:

  • The process for unpacking judgment and shame around finances;
  • How to develop your skillset & gain financial transparency with your partner;
  • Establishing a shared vision and goals around finances;
  • Tips for couples to have healthy money conversations; and
  • When it may be time to ask for professional help.



If you'd like more information about Couples Financial Therapy, please visit these resources or contact Thomas or Susan:


Get in Touch with Thomas Faupl, LMFT, SEP

  Phone: (415) 702-7877
  Email: [email protected]


Get in Touch with Susan Regan, MFT

Email: [email protected]


If you're interested in Strengthening Your Relationship, I'm offering an online course (starting March 16th!), which will guide you through the tools (like Couples Financial Therapy), which can help you and your partner communicate better, feel closer, manage projections and perspective and use conflict to your advantage. Click here to learn more.


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