Demystifying Divorce Series: From Deciding to Parenting Plans

Susan Regan, MFT, a seasoned family therapist, certified mediator and founder of Solutions Therapy & Mediation and Relationship Solutions Programs presents her expert talk series “Demystifying Divorce.”

Through talks with various industry experts, Susan explores key aspects of the divorce process — from making the decision to divorce or separate, all the way through to creating effective parenting plans and successfully co-parenting.

In these four talks, Susan and her guest experts explore related topics, which provide the critical information and resources you need to navigate the process. [Click the titles below to watch the full videos.]

In her first talk, Demystifying Divorce, Susan invited Susan Pease Gadoua, LCSW to explore some modern-day scenarios for couples, including: a married couple, who are planning to separate; parents, raising a child outside of marriage; and a couple over 60, who is struggling with their decision, because of the financial arrangement between them. This talk explores the potential outcomes, resources and possible solutions and safeguards for entering into these decisions.

In Deciding to Separate, Susan and Cindy Elwell, Founder of Divorce with Dignity, dig deeper into various scenarios modern-day couples may encounter when considering separation or raising children outside of marriage. Cindy brings her perspective as to how these challenges can be managed amicably, to support everyone involved in the least combative and least expensive process possible.

In Getting “Unstuck”, Susan talks with Robert Terris (licensed Attorney and MFT) and explores how couples can release the holds that can happen during the separation process and move forward with their lives. They address fear factors, therapy and mediation, in-house separations and other logistics around separation, which can hold people back from finding a resolution.

Lastly, in Susan’s talk Managing Conflict, with guest Chandler Hoffman, Psy.D., they talk about managing conflict during separation and when, why and how to use the resources available to you to address conflict, parent alienation and navigate the court system.

We hope these talks are helpful for you or someone you know. Please feel free to pass them along.

**For additional support and guidance, I will be offering a series of talks and courses for couples and individuals, starting in January.**

These online talks and courses will cover the following topics:

  • Deciding: To Stay or Separate? – Have you been on the fence about your relationship and need to do some solid thinking about whether to stay or create a plan to work on the relationship? Making the decision may be the hardest part, but this intensive, two-week course will help you gain clarity, insight and develop tools to get through it.
  • Strengthening Relationships – Do you know that your relationship could be stronger and you could be closer? Do you have a desire to have the kind of relationship you’ve been longing for? It takes work to have a long-term relationship. In this four-week course, you will learn the basic daily practices, address difficult situations and topics, and learn to communicate better.
  • Divorcing – It takes people between two and three years to get through a divorce. Whether you’re in the beginning stages and trying to re-create your life or need time to grieve, you will learn some tools and during this four-week course. Some people get through the logistical parts of divorce, but they don’t focus that much on their emotional well-being. Give yourself some time to do this, so that you can move forward in a positive direction.
  • Co-Parenting – It’s a challenging dance to end a relationship and still stay committed to parenting together. In this four-week course, you will learn basic skills and ideology about formalizing your relationship, to begin the business of raising your kids together.
  • What About Me? Relationships are complicated. So let’s get simple and focus on the one that you’re having with yourself. In this four-week course, you will develop your self-care practices, better understand your emotions, and learn how to self regulate. Once you can have a baseline with yourself, you will have more fulfilling and successful relationships with other people. It all starts with you.

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