#sorelatable Podcast - Ep 6 - Intro to Planning for Your Best Life after Divorce


Divorce can be peaceful?

You may have heard of #ADR (alternative dispute resolution) options for divorce, but do you know WHY they’re such a powerful alternative option to taking your spouse to court to battle it out with attorneys? It’s fairly simple: your kids and your life after divorce. #Divorce is going to be tough, but it doesn’t have to be destructive and traumatic for all involved.

Following Summer Howard’s divorce, so many people approached her asking how she was able to create such a wonderful post-divorce life and co-parent with her ex so well, that she felt compelled to start coaching people through their divorce process.

So, Summer began providing a very effective option within ADR – divorce #mediation services - to help couples navigate the difficult process of divorce with as little stress and conflict as possible. What she found was that, in general, people are not prepared for the mediation and divorce process.

Courage is necessary, but that is not the only thing.

Knowing from personal experience, how important this process is, Summer created a program to help people not only mediate their divorce – but to carefully prepare for it - emotionally, strategically, and tactically.

If you’re running to your Facebook group the week before your mediation session to ask what you need to know, you’re not going to be prepared. It takes a while to prepare for mediation; you’re coming to the table to reach an agreement that’s going to impact the next chapter of your life (at least).

This month, my guest on the #sorelatable Podcast is Summer Howard, a Divorce Mediator, Mentor, and Founder of Boulder Divorce Mediation. We discuss how you can get through your divorce with a clear and intentional plan that will ensure the best post-divorce life and co-parenting relationship possible. This includes:

  • Staying focused on being good parents
  • Being prepared for mediation
  • Working on your mental state
  • Creating your divorce team

Here’s a brief introduction to the podcast episode that will be released, here, on July 18th.


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