Co-Parent Counseling and Personality Types

When there is personality conflict,
it’s invaluable to have the help of a neutral third party
– someone who understands how divorce impacts everyone,
including parents and kids.

Co-parent Counseling benefits include:

  • Keeping focused on the children
  • Understanding kids’ developmental needs
  • Helping kids adjust to the transition
  • Providing a neutral and emotionally safe place for parents to create a new relationship, based on the best interests of their kids.

Co-parent Counseling helps parents who have controlling personality types find safe, effective ways to communicate and get along better. It’s good to have a calm place to talk outside of the legal arena.

While control issues may remain, understanding the effect on your kids can help you keep your conflict in check. Kids don’t handle conflict well. Studies show that kids exposed to ongoing conflict in divorce have less success in future relationships, lower self-worth, and difficulty finding a sense of accomplishment.

For impaired parents, co-parenting therapy can facilitate a successful relationship between the impaired parent and child. Therapy can help increase independence and self-reliance. This new strength feels good to both the parent and the child. It ultimately fosters more closeness and connection between parent and child.

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