Divorce Support

It takes time to recover from divorce.

You might think, "why is this taking so long?"

Friends might say, "you’re not over this yet?"

Maybe it’s OK it is taking a long time -- because you’re figuring things out and healing along the way.

There’s a lot to heal from. The raw feelings that come at first–the grieving, figuring out how to be a single person again, finding a sense of belonging in your social group or developing a new community, and adjusting to single life and being a co-parent.

Do more than survive your separation and divorce.
Learn to thrive.

Hi, I'm Susan Regan...

I'm a relationship expert and certified coach. 

I began my career as a marriage & family therapist over twenty years ago and my practice has grown and evolved over those years. I now offer guidance in relationship healing and enhancements, personal changes, and overcoming relationship trauma.

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Within my Relatable© Community, I offer space to gather and share stories, tips, and lend support. I provide resources and guidance, and host regular gatherings.

If you're looking for a more coach-led, structured support program, I also offer private Divorce Support Groups within that community. The following details those groups.


Divorce Support Groups

My groups are about figuring things out along the way so that you can create the life you want, the relationships that are healthier for you, and the part of yourself that you need to develop so you can be the person that you want be -- the person who has the capacity for a deep and meaningful life.

I’ve got your back on this one.

I have helped thousands of people get through their divorce and separation and envision what’s going work for them now. In my groups, together, we create strategies, take action, and actually build a capacity to hold the things you need.

Who is this for?

In these online coaching groups, we have people at various stages of separation and divorce. From those in the beginning stages of separating from their partner to folks who are working on recreating their lives socially, where, oftentimes, everything is undergoing a change – including their work, living situation, parenting situation, friends, priorities and so much more.

How does this work?

We talk about the related issues and options and we start to explore what their relationships could look like, in the future, while we also do the work on ourselves to prepare ourselves for a new relationship or for being content to remain single.

  • 12-week committed group (with the possibility to extend your time with a one-month notice to leave)
  • I offer groups that are mixed gender and also women-only
  • Groups are limited to seven people

About Confidentiality and Privacy:

Do this part of your life here --  in this community. You don’t have to explain yourself; the people in this group are in similar situations as you. In this group, you can ask all of your questions and process your worries here -- with us.



Groups meet one day per week.
All times are in PST.


Deciding, Healing & Moving On
[Beginning & Intermediate Groups]


  • 12:00 pm to 1:15 pm


  • 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Thursdays (Women's Group)

  • 12:00 pm to 1:15 pm


Life After Divorce
[Advanced Group]


  • 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm



  • 15-minute Inquiry Call: to answer questions and schedule your intake meeting
  • Intake Appointment: $200
  • Per Session Fee: $85 [Paid Monthly] 

Payment: All clients have an active credit card on file to reserve their appointments and to hold their place in the group.

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Get the Support you Need

Within my Relatable© community, you'll find a variety of programs and resources to support your journey towards healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

With a diverse selection of spaces to gather, learn, grow, and get support, you'll be able to start small and expand as you're ready.

If you're interested in joining THIS group, become a member of my Community and then add this group to your membership!



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