Co-Parenting Tips to Help Get You Through this Crisis


If you are in a co-parenting arrangement and you find yourself worrying about your kids whenever they’re not with you (e.g., have they washed their hands enough, have they gone into public places, is the other parent taking all the precautions you think they should?) -- I want you to set your mind at ease. Think about the united parenting approach and how you can set-up this situation so that you won’t be worrying all the time.

Here's something to consider about transitions from one house to the other... A suggestion is that a 14-day transition between homes. That way, it’s safe to say that people have been quarantined. It might be wise to consider fewer transitions and more time at one parent's house -- then, taking precautions when you do a transition. For example, having a united-front conversation, beforehand, about what the kids have been exposed to, how everyone is feeling, and whether there have been any fevers (following the guidelines that the CDC is giving us).

If you’re the parent, who is not with the kids, you could have a regular visiting time with them via Facebook or Zoom. There’re lots of ways to spend time together. Many parents find themselves reading to the kids before they go to bed, playing a game with them, drawing, dancing or cooking -- all online! A lot of togetherness time can be done online.


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