Co-Parenting Support Groups

Create more space for yourself as a parent.

If you're trying to parent your kids in two separate homes, with two different parenting styles 00 you, your kids and your ex all feel the tension.

Co-Parenting can be very isolating and challenging as you navigate the new world of household transitions and seemingly bigger compromises.

It's easy to feel really alone and wondering if/when the baggage of the marriage will finally end.

It's hard enough parenting kids within a stable situation, but now you're having to deal with an anxiety-antsy ex and the new reality of feeling really triggered.

It's a whole lot of tension.


Co-Parenting Support Groups

Strategize, create a plan, brainstorm together, and find ways to parent your kids -- whether or not you feel the cooperation from your ex.

Look at the co-parenting relationships form all angles -- your ex, your kids, and yourself -- with a group of like-minded people who are working through the same things. 

When your coparenting relationship is the main thing you're struggling with (and if you just want someone to tell your ex what to do so that they will act appropriately and cooperate), then this group will be the perfect kind of support fore you. 

This group is just for you.

If your co-parent needs support as well, they'll have their own separate group.

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Julie N.

My family is lucky to have you co-parenting and mediating with us during these challenging and emotional situations. I don’t know what we could’ve done without your support because we can’t even have a conversation without you in the room. Now we’re slowly to me making decisions that are so critical to our kids. We are beginning to talk again and find ways to not go right into conflict.


This is an ongoing group for people who are going through a separation, while learning how to co-parent where there may be huge parenting-style differences.

Discussions in the Group are topic-oriented and topic-suggested.

I will be presenting both psychological themes and strategies to deal with difficult co-parenting situations.

  • What if you hate your ex’s family?
  • Is your extended parenting style different and are you seeing those differences making your kids feel insecure?
  • Are/were you married to a narcissist?
  • How do you deal with your kid not wanting to go to your ex’s home?
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Hi, I'm Susan Regan...

I'm a relationship expert and certified coach. 

I began my career as a marriage & family therapist over twenty years ago and my practice has grown and evolved over those years. I now offer guidance in relationship healing and enhancements, personal changes, and overcoming relationship trauma.

About Confidentiality and Privacy:

Do this part of your life here --  in this community. You don’t have to explain yourself; the people in this group are in similar situations as you. In this group, you can ask all of your questions and process your worries here -- with us.

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Jamie C.

I think of you frequently and feel grateful for the work we’ve done together. The main work I found my ex and I doing in your coparenting mediation sessions was working through our resentment. If we hadn’t gotten to that part I don’t think we would’ve been able to be peaceful around our kids. Thank you for holding those difficult sessions with us we learned a lot.


  • 12-week committed group (with the possibility of extending your time with a one-month notice to leave)

  • Groups are mixed gender and are limited to seven people

  • Group Meetings @ 12 to 1:30 PM PST on Wednesdays
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  • 15-minute Inquiry Call: to answer questions and schedule your intake meeting.

  • First Session/Intake Appointment: $200

  • Monthly Fee:
    • Option (1): $590
      • One private coaching session per month
      • Four 90-minute, weekly sessions
    • Option (2): $340
      • Four 90-minute, weekly sessions

NOTE: Co-parents may not attend the same group.

Payment: All clients have an active credit card on file to reserve their appointments and to hold their place in the group.

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Carol C.

I have such respect for you Susan -- and I trust you. Even though my relationship has ended there will never be another parent to my kids like my ex. You have helped us work through so many challenging issues. Without your help we would’ve never been able to heal and continue developing a different kind of parenting relationship and our marriage.



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