#sorelatable Podcast Ep 8 - It's Hard to Heal from Divorce, with Holly Forman-Patel & Summer Howard

[11.8.23 Correction: Full Episode Uploaded] In this latest episode from my #sorelatable Podcast, we're addressing the big questions that come up regularly in my divorce support groups:     WHY CAN'T I HEAL?   Why is this taking so long?   Why do I still have all of these triggers, traumas, and reactions to my ex?    Why aren't I moving on?   WHY CAN'T I JUST GET OVER IT?   Along with my returning guests Holly Forman-Patel, Marriage Therapist, and Summer Howard, Divorce Mediator, we explore these questions and effective strategies to move forward.   Join the conversation. Check out my private, online community: Relatable: for the love of relationships https://relatable.relationshipsolutionsprograms.com/   #divorcesupport #movingonafterdivorce #divorce #getoverit #movingon #susanregancoaching


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