Ep 7 - Intro: Self-Love for Healthy Relationships w/ Guest Brian Cooper

  • How are self-love and a good relationship with yourself essential to having healthy relationships with other people?
  • Why do people struggle so much to love themselves?
  • How can we stop falling asleep in our relationships are asleep with ourselves? 

I had the pleasure of bringing one of my cherished colleagues, Brian Cooper, into my podcast. We often partner to better serve our clients, and in this upcoming podcast episode, we discuss breaking down couples' strife and how to have a solid relationship with yourself and translate that knowledge into your couple relationship. We also explore how couples can change neural pathways in order to redefine their relationship in order to have the kinds of relationships that are going to be more fulfilling.

Look out for a preview of this enlightening discussion I had with Brian Cooper next Tuesday! In the meantime, watch this for a little preview of what you can expect! AND, be sure to leave your questions for us in the comments below!

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