Deciding: To Stay or Separate

Discernment Coaching (Deciding)

Is your relationship on the brink?

Perhaps one partner is leaning towards divorce, while the other partner wants reconciliation. Or, perhaps, both are just ignoring the issue and going through the motions?

Perhaps, there’s another issue that feels impossible to get over — like an affair or just falling out of love with your partner. Maybe there’s a chronic, ongoing problem that feels impossible to navigate, like an addiction issue or a depression, that seems to distract any positive attention towards a relationship.

Discernment Counseling addresses these and other issues and supports couples to work through a clear process with an objective and supportive coach — certified in the Discernment Process (ME!).




As a coach, mediator, and psychotherapist, I have a combination of skills that help me to distinguish how to work with, on, and through relationship conflict and/or avoidance, so that you can figure out what you’ll do — instead of not thinking about it at all. It’s hard to be in these places. Relationships are everything — and when they’re not working, they can take a lot of energy out of us.

So… roll-up your sleeves and let’s look at what’s going on in your relationship, so that you know where you’re going and can get clarity and healing — all at the same time.

This Counseling will help you to come out with a clear path for your relationship (e.g., a renewed commitment or amicable separation — or even an agreement to be resourceful because of timing). Things that are going on in the family can mean that you just have to hang in there and wait for a better time to work on your relationship or to leave it. We can set that up as well. But… let’s set it up — instead of doing nothing.

Employing this well-established method, I take couples through a defined process to help them make a decision about their relationship and whether they will continue it or move towards an amicable separation.

We will walk through my five-step, five-week process, which will allow you to make a decision about your relationship.

  • Will you do nothing?
  • Will you go?
  • Will you work on it?
  • Why?

All of these are very important decisions and involve a lot of heartbreak and, usually, your children as well.

The structured sessions are $250 per hour. Both parties will meet together with me first, and then I’ll orchestrate the following 90-minute sessions. During these sessions, you will gain valuable, applicable resources for whichever direction you choose to go.

  • Have you been struggling in your relationship, stuck in the exact same place for a really long time?
  • Do you feel like your partner has developed a revisionist history of the relationship, where you are constantly blamed and made to be the bad guy?
  • Did you fall out of love with this person a long time ago?
  • Are they having an affair?
  • Are you feeling like there’s no interaction, that you’re just living with a roommate, and you just can’t go on like this?

If you’re in a state, where you really need to do something about your relationship, please get in touch with me. It’s really hard to remain stuck for so long and yet, it’s scary to move on. I can help you to get unstuck and move forward!



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