Co-Parenting Support Group


Empower Your Co-Parenting Journey for a Happier, Healthier Future

You've successfully navigated divorce or separation, but your journey as co-parents is just beginning. The ongoing need to communicate and cooperate with your ex can be challenging, but there's a compelling reason to persevere: your children.

Why Choose this Co-Parenting Support Group?Ā 

The Co-Parenting Challenge
A Noble but Difficult Mission

You've placed your children's needs above your own emotions, but it's not easy. The stress leading up to every exchange, the lingering hurt, and the constant negotiations can take a toll.

Brighter Path Forward
There's a Better Way

You're not alone in feeling overwhelmed, but here's the good news: It doesn't have to be this way. You can learn effective strategies, coping techniques, and the skills necessary to become a positive role model and a stable co-parent.

What You'll Gain
Transform Your Co-Parenting Relationship

In our boot camp and support group, we'll empower you with strategies and tactics to tackle fundamental issues that can sabotage your co-parenting journey. These issues include:

  • Residual problems from the divorce or separation.
  • Negative communication about the other parent.
  • Imbalance in control and time with your child.
  • Emotional instability.
  • Inconsistencies and competition between parents.
  • Challenges involving step-parents.
  • Unclear or inconsistent communication between parents.
The Ripple Effect on Your Children
Why It Matters

Divorce is incredibly challenging for kids. Studies show that children of divorce are more likely to face difficulties in various aspects of life, from romantic relationships to emotional well-being. But as parents, we can make this transition a true transition, not a trauma.

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MeetĀ Susan Regan

Your Guide to Healing and Growth

Hi, I'm Susan Regan, a Relationship Expert, Certified Coach, and Co-Parenting Mediator with over two decades of experience helping families heal and improve their relationships.

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Jamie C.

I think of you frequently and feel grateful for the work we’ve done together. The main work I found my ex and I doing in your coparenting mediation sessions was working through our resentment. If we hadn’t gotten to that part I don’t think we would’ve been able to be peaceful around our kids. Thank you for holding those difficult sessions with us we learned a lot.

Who should join?

This Group Is for You If:

  • You're going through or have recently gone through a divorce or separation.
  • You're just entering a co-parenting relationship.
  • You've been separated and co-parenting but face challenges.
  • You seek proven co-parenting strategies and tactics.
  • You want a supportive community of like-minded co-parents committed to being the best parents they can be.

Get the Strategies, Tactics, and Support You Need

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Learn from an expert coach and coparenting mediator. 

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Expert-developed curriculum and resources. 

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A private, online group within a broader community.  

Your membership includes:

  • A 1:1 Introductory Session with Susan Regan (30 minutes).
    • You may schedule one additional meeting for an additional fee.Ā 
  • Weekly 90-minute group sessions facilitated by Susan, exploring our comprehensive co-parenting program curriculum.
  • Guest Expert Talks, Q&A, Tips, and Encouragement via a Private Co-Parenting Group within our private RelatableĀ© online community.
  • Access to a private chat room with fellow co-parents in the support group (optional).
  • Co-Parenting Survival Guide eBook.
  • Access to Susan's Co-parenting Resource Library.
  • Membership in our Private, Online Community, Relatable(R)*, where you'll learn and grow alongside others on a similar journey.

Get Started Today

Your Path to a Brighter Future Begins HereĀ 


  • Just click on the "ENROLL NOW" button to complete aĀ brief questionnaire.Ā Ā 
  • Schedule your 30-minute Introductory Session with Susan.
  • Check your email for the Program enrollment link and payment details.


Unlock the strategies, tactics, and support you need to pave the way for a healthy, happy life for you and your children. Co-Parenting Support Group is your guide to a brighter co-parenting future.

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Get the Support you Need

Within the Relatable© community, you'll find a variety of programs and resources to support your journey towards healthier and more fulfilling relationships. With a variety of spaces to gather, learn, grow, and get support, you'll be able to start small and expand as you're ready. 

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