New Beginnings: Self-Discovery & Healthy Dating Support Group

Ready to embrace a fresh start and discover the best version of yourself in your next relationship? 

I get it – navigating this transformative journey can be both exhilarating and overwhelming.

I understand the unique challenges of rediscovering your identity, rebuilding confidence, and redefining expectations after divorce or an unsuccessful relationship. My mission is to empower you on this exciting path to love and self-discovery.

Discover the New You: Unearth the incredible person you've become through this process. My resources and support will guide you in understanding your post-divorce self and embracing the qualities that make you truly exceptional.

Confidence Boost: Say goodbye to lingering doubts and hello to newfound confidence. I'll equip you with tools to exude self-assurance, making you irresistibly confident as you step back into the dating scene.

Navigate the Dating Maze: Feeling overwhelmed by the dating landscape? My expert advice and practical tips will help you navigate the twists and turns of the modern dating world, ensuring you approach it with excitement rather than fear.

Set Boundaries, Expectations, and Thrive: Establishing healthy boundaries and realistic expectations is key to flourishing in your new relationships. I'll guide you in setting the right foundations for lasting connections that align with your newfound sense of self.

Say goodbye to the fear of being ghosted, the anxiety of taking things personally, or the uncertainty about readiness for intimacy. Your group co-members and I are your companions on this thrilling journey to love and self-discovery.

Ready to redefine your story? Let's embark on this empowering adventure together. Your best chapter begins now.

Hi, I'm Susan Regan...

I'm a relationship expert and certified coach. 

I began my career as a marriage & family therapist over twenty-five years ago. I offer guidance in relationship healing and enhancements, personal changes, overcoming relationship trauma, and creating healthy relationships.

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Suresh H.

Hearing everyone’s stories gave me confidence about going out there myself. I started to be able to visualize myself taking risks and chances I never had before. Going on a date, having sex again after five years, being more direct about my needs. I wouldn’t have contemplated half of the stuff if I wasn’t in a support group. Coming back and sharing my experiences with the group helped me learn how to be more vulnerable and talk more-which come to think of it I didn’t do towards the end of my marriage.

Who is this for?

This transformative journey is tailor-made for individuals who have traversed the challenging path of divorce, conquered the healing phase, and are now standing at the threshold of a new chapter in their lives. If you resonate with any of the following, then this is precisely designed for you:

1. Embraced Healing: You've successfully navigated the healing process post-divorce, acknowledging the pain and allowing yourself the time and space to mend. Now, you're eager to channel that resilience into building a future filled with joy and fulfillment.

2. Ready for Self-Discovery: You've reached a point where self-discovery beckons. The question isn't just about finding someone new; it's about finding the most authentic version of yourself. You're excited about the prospect of delving deeper into your passions, interests, and personal growth.

3. Seeking Healthy Connections: Past experiences have imparted invaluable lessons, and now you're committed to cultivating relationships that are not only fulfilling but also emotionally nourishing. You're ready to leave behind toxic patterns and embrace healthier connections.

4. Yearning for Growth: Your journey doesn't stop at healing; it extends into personal development. You're enthusiastic about becoming the best version of yourself, recognizing that a thriving, meaningful relationship begins with the continual growth of the individuals involved.

5. Open to Love: While the past is acknowledged, it doesn't define you. You approach love with an open heart, ready to explore the potential of a new relationship, built on a foundation of self-love, confidence, and a deep understanding of your desires and boundaries.

I understand that your story doesn't end with divorce – it's a stepping stone to a brighter, more fulfilling future. Join me on this empowering journey as I guide you towards self-discovery, confidence, and the vibrant, healthy relationship you deserve. Your next chapter is waiting, and it's brimming with possibilities.



How does this work?

  • Groups are mixed gender and are limited to seven people 

This facilitator-led support group offers a curriculum-based approach, with flexibility to address the group member's needs and pace.

I promise you’ll be comfortable, in the right place, and with like-minded  people. Your privacy is my number one focus! Give yourself the chance to see what real support feels like. 

This Program will be structured, topic-oriented, and will give you the opportunity to strategize and do some thinking around opportunities.

When you join this support group, you're becoming a member of my private, online community Relatable© as well, with access to countless resources and opportunities to engage in your personal growth.

Some of the topics we'll be covering in the group: 

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The Details:


  • People who have ended their relationship and are looking to work on themselves, rediscover themselves, learn how to have healthier romantic relationships, learn how to date (and have fun), and more. 


  • Ongoing, Live, Online Program
  • Access to my Online Community, Relatable©
  • 4-7 Participants per Group


  • Tuesdays
  • 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm PT


  • On Zoom


  • One-time Intake Appointment $200
  • $85/session (paid monthly)
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Sarah R.

While dating, I never thought of my love language, my attachment style, why I was attracted, who I was attracted to -- and if I even had the capacity to be in a healthy relationship. Working with other people trying to improve themselves and be more conscious really helped me shift my focus to me. I stopped interpreting everything as rejection.


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Get the Support you Need

Within the Relatable© community, you'll find a variety of programs and resources to support your journey towards healthier and more fulfilling relationships. With a variety of spaces to gather, learn, grow, and get support, you'll be able to start small and expand as you're ready. 

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