Enroll in the Co-Parenting Boot Camp & Support Group

Fees and Commitments

The key to any good relationship is transparency and commitment. So, let's kick this off right.

  • Groups are administered via my private, online community Relatable®, so accessing this private community is required to participate (basic access included in enrollment).
  • The cost to join this group is only $85 per session.
  • Fees must be paid in advance (you will pay by the month).
  • A one-month minimum commitment is required. 
  • Groups meet Tuesdays from 9am PT to 10:30 am PT
  • Only one member of a co-parenting relationship may enroll. If other members are interested in joining, please contact Susan. We will be adding groups, as necessary, and can accommodate additional members in separate groups.
  • Meetings will be summarized for those who miss a session.
  • Confidentiality will be respected and supported through practices.


Please complete the Enrollment Questionnaire below. You'll then be taken to my booking page to schedule your Enrollment Interview (this will help me to get to know you, any sensitivities you have, and tailor the program to fit your individual needs). 

Enrollment Questionnaire

If there are any items you cannot or would rather not answer, please just type "decline" and we can discuss when we have our 1:1 call.


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