Make-Up or Break-Up:
A Community Project

Relationships are Everything...
and We Deserve to Have it All

Relationships are EVERYTHING...

Relationships can wear us out and tear us down.
Loving relationships can make us 4,000 times stronger!

For those who have married the love of their life or are in a long-term relationship with someone who they have felt to be in a true partnership with, but it’s not working well; it can be so hard to decide whether to stay and work it out, or cut their losses and leave (and how to get through either of those).

It takes enormous amounts of strength, courage, and confidence to face the reasons why the relationship isn’t working or has damaged them and the other person -- and even more, to make a decision about what to do.

We all want to transition into happiness, but how can we do that when it feels like our world is crumbling around us? How can we reconnect with our partner, or find the fortitude to strike out on our own into a new life? And how do we know which choice is the right one for us?

I’m starting this conversation because I have worked with hundreds of people in this exact situation, and I firmly believe a transition in your relationship doesn’t have to be traumatic, but can be used for growth and transformation.

What if I want to stay with my partner?

This conversation is not just about divorce and separation, it’s about transitioning into a new and better phase of your relationship - regardless of whether you decide to leave or stay.

With this project, we will find a way to wrap a blanket around you to allow you to heal and make your transition to your next chapter - whatever that might be.


This Project will help you to:

  • Counteract the feeling of failure and isolation;
  • Move through the transition in your relationship smoothly; and
  • Help you to decide whether you want to stay with your partner or go.

The Project

Join me in October for a Month of Sharing and Support:

This project will give people, who are struggling in their relationships, the support, resources, information, community, and guidance they need to be able to have the kind of vision that will put their relationship back on track. Help them gain the strength, courage, and confidence to transition from where they are now into a more ideal relationship with a vision. Help them rise to the relationship challenge. And give people who are deciding that maybe they need to move away from their relationship the strength and courage and guidance to find a way to do that with support and vision and connection, not isolation.

Next, it'll build a community, for all of us involved, and a place to share our stories, to touch the hearts of others, and give and receive hope for healing.



First of all, this Community Project is 100% FREE. Our Participants are involved, because they believe in the importance of strong relationships and value the impact this Project will have on the community. You will not be bombarded with marketing attempts when you join us. The Project is about lifting and supporting us, bringing us together, and sharing our joys and pains in a safe space.

You can join in this discussion and hear the personal stories from people who have gone through and overcome relationship challenges, just like the ones you may be facing. You'll also hear from experts, professionals, and coaches who work across several areas, who will provide tips and resources related to each of the challenges (and more). What's more, you'll be able to connect with these experts, professionals, and coaches as well! 

  • To get started, complete the short form below to sign up for the project. Once you do this, you're in to begin receiving the participants' stories and the experts' advice on various relationship topics, right to your inbox, each day for the 31 days of October (beginning on Thursday, October 1, 2020). You can join in at any time and, at the end of the month, you'll receive a beautiful ebook containing all of the stories we've shared.
  • Next, look out for your confirmation email, which will contain an invitation to join our Private Facebook Group, where people will gather to share their stories, struggles, and questions.


When you join this community project your email address will NOT be added to any other list, or be used for any purpose other than receiving the stories relating to this project.


Apart from me, obviously, you'll be hearing from some wonderful experts, professionals, and coaches who will be sharing their strategies, tips, resources, tools, and some encouraging words.

Here are just some of the experts you will be hearing from:

Randi Buckley | Michelle Currie | Tanya Geisler | Jane Reeves | Traci Ruble | Natalie Stuart 

I'll be announcing other experts in the coming weeks on my Facebook Page! Keep an eye out there! 

I look forward to seeing you on the Facebook Group and hearing your feedback, questions, and your own stories!

- Susan

The Project Goes Live Soon!

I can't wait to see you there!









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