Deciding: To Stay or Separate

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Is the decision about whether to stay or separate causing you upset and creating distractions?

Maybe your biggest secret is not wanting anyone to know. It may be the reason why you feel bad about yourself and eat or drink too much or complain to your friends. Are you feeling happy in other parts of your life, such as work, with family and with kids?

You probably already know the answer to this decision, but you don’t know how to make it permanent. Do you roll-up your sleeves and work on it or strategize about how to leave? Where do you start and how do you follow through?
Maybe your biggest confusion is you really want to strengthen your relationship and stay but you don’t know how to approach your partner to begin that work and let them know your analysis of the issue. This course will help you gain the clarity you need-in identifying problem areas of your relationship and directing yourselves towards solutions.

So let’s clear that all up. Let me help you make a decision about how to go into the next part of your life. We'll look at all the angles and I’ll share information with you that will help you reframe how you are thinking about the situation.

I know you might need more support from me to process and understand your situation as it applies to the curriculum.
I’ve got you covered! 

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