Dating Support

Are you finding it difficult to meet the right person? 

Dating can be such an intimidating process -- especially if you’ve been in a relationship for so long and haven’t gotten yourself out there in awhile.

It's intimidating out there. 

Maybe you're worried about getting ghosted?

Or having a hard time not taking things personally?

Or what if it goes great and you find you're actually not ready for intimacy?


Within my Relatable© Community, I offer space to gather and share stories, tips, and lend support. I provide resources and guidance, and host regular gatherings.

If you're looking for a more coach-led, structured support program, I also offer  private Dating Support Groups within that community. The following details those groups.


Who is this for?

Figuring out how to find a new relationship (that actually works) is going to be a bit of a learning curve.

So, why not learn with others?

You don't have to be alone in this dating game.

In my Dating Support Program, not only will you get some relatable support from your groupmates, but you’ll probably also share a laugh or two with others who are fumbling around with the dating world alongside you!

I really want you to have a successful relationship, so let’s tackle this together!


How does this work?

People may begin thinking about dating again, or they may feel that they never want to date again. We talk about the related issues and options and we start to explore what their relationships could look like, in the future, while we also do the work on ourselves to prepare ourselves for a new relationship or for being content to remain single.

  • Groups are mixed gender and are limited to seven people

This facilitator-led support group will offer you immediate support and help you to determine whether joining the longer-term support group is right for you.

I promise you’ll be comfortable, in the right place, and with like-minded  people. Your privacy is my number one focus! Give yourself the chance to see what real support feels like. 

This Program will be structured, topic-oriented, and will give you the opportunity to strategize and do some thinking around opportunities.

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Suresh H.

Hearing everyone’s stories gave me confidence about going out there myself. I started to be able to visualize myself taking risks and chances I never had before. Going on a date, having sex again after five years, being more direct about my needs. I wouldn’t have contemplated half of the stuff if I wasn’t in a support group. Coming back and sharing my experiences with the group helped me learn how to be more vulnerable and talk more-which come to think of it I didn’t do towards the end of my marriage.

Hi, I'm Susan Regan...

I'm a relationship expert and certified coach. 

I began my career as a marriage & family therapist over twenty years ago and my practice has grown and evolved over those years. I now offer guidance in relationship healing and enhancements, personal changes, and overcoming relationship trauma.

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About Confidentiality and Privacy:

Do this part of your life here --  in this community. You don’t have to explain yourself; the people in this group are in similar situations as you. In this group, you can ask all of your questions and process your worries here -- with us.

The Details:


  • Ongoing, Live, Online Program
  • 4-7 Participants per Group

Cost: $85/session


Some of the topics we'll be covering: 

Get the Support you Need

Within the Relatable© community, you'll find a variety of programs and resources to support your journey towards healthier and more fulfilling relationships. With a variety of spaces to gather, learn, grow, and get support, you'll be able to start small and expand as you're ready. 

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Sarah R.

While dating, I never thought of my love language, my attachment style, why I was attracted, who I was attracted to -- and if I even had the capacity to be in a healthy relationship. Working with other people trying to improve themselves and be more conscious really helped me shift my focus to me. I stopped interpreting everything as rejection.


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