Ways to Avoid Putting Your Child in the Middle When Going Through Divorce

This is an excerpt from the book Cooperative Parenting and Divorce: Shielding Your Child from Conflict — A Parent Guide to Effective Co-Parenting by Susan Boyan and Ann Termini. This book is dedicated to protecting the emotional health of your children from the difficulty in the transition process of divorce. I highly recommend it for further advice on the subject.

Do not talk badly about my other parent. (This make me feel torn apart! It also makes me feel
bad about myself!)

Do not talk...

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Children act different at home and in school

kids parenting Apr 18, 2013

All behavior means something. Oftentimes kids are over stimulated at school, tired, hungry, or busy trying to keep up with their peers. One of the things that could help them is if they have a consistent and concrete routine at home. For example, going to bed earlier every night, getting up earlier in the morning with time to spare for a meal before leaving the house could all help to make a morning as stress-free as possible.

Your children uses a lot of energy at school. Children are...

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